anyRMboards : The intelligent Board Management Platform

Efficient communication, collaboration and administration for your advisory boards and expert networks.

anyRMboards is the digital home and electronic memory for your advisory boards. Your central platform for collaboration, communication and specific operating processes -  highly efficient and intuitive to use.

Advisory  Boards - a key success factor

It is not possible to imagine the pharmaceutical and medtech industries without advisory boards. Including key opinion leaders and practitioners is critical for successful product development & management. anyRMboards was specifically developed to facilitate the management of these boards and make the communication and collaboration of its stakeholders as easy and efficient as possible.

Therapeutic experts and other key opinion leaders support organizations in clinical research, in preparing relevant documents for regulatory authorities or consult regarding market entry and strategic positioning in competitive therapeutic areas. Advisory boards form the framework for this.

For several reasons advisory boards often don't deliver satisfactory results - despite high costs. In most cases it is because the special requirements with regard to communication, collaboration and document handling & archiving is underestimated. This is where professional board management platforms such as anyRMboards come into play. As a central platform for the moderation and steering of these boards it secures the quality and sustainability and becomes a key success factor.

Peakboard advisory board management platform

Managing Adisory Boards - Challenges &  Requirements:

  • Smooth and clear communication with all stakeholders
  • Easy availability and findability of the boards' knowledge and all relevant documents
  • Independent administration directly through the responsible department (e.g. product management)
  • Controlled access to all valuable information unlimited in time
  • Central (contact-) administration of all external experts of the company or department
  • ‍Continuity in strategic and personal relations

anyRMboards enables:

  • Flexible administration-, rights- and content management through moderators
  • Inclusion of external experts on a dedicated and secure platform
  • Transparent and comprehensible communication within the advisory board
  • Modern collaboration tools (e.g. collaborative content creation and document editing)
  • Unlimited accessibility and structured filing & archiving of all documents in a central knowledge database
  • Possibility to administer and steer various boards through one platform

anyRMboards overview:

anyRMboards is the turnkey Software-as-Service (SaaS)  solution for your advisory boards -  with flexible licensing models and highest security standards. Either hosted in the secure PEAKFACTOR Cloud  (certified German servers) or on your own servers.

Smooth communication, central access to and easy findability of information are the basis of efficient team management. anyRMboards supports this with various functions and tools.

Social Network &  Communication

Connect your organization securely with external partners and experts.

  • Secure, dedicated network for each (advisory-) board
  • Personal profiles of all involved stakeholders
  • Communication via integrated messaging
  • Notification-, newsletter- and social media functionality
Peakboard social network


Take advantage of virtual working rooms, discussion groups and other innovative tools for efficient collaboration.

  • Open and closed rooms
  • Thematic discussions groups with clearly structured threads
  • Simultaneous editing of documents with multiple users (SmashDocs)
  • Task management tools for moderators
Peakboard collaboration

Knowledge Archive &  File Administration

Use the integrated data storage and make anyRMboards the knowledge archive for all of your boards.

  • Clear and structured file storage and administration
  • Securely save protocols, publications, presentations and other documents
  • Access rights management for files & folders
  • Online-viewer for documents
Peakboard knowledge archive & file administration

Calendar, Dates & Meetings

Increase the overview and efficiency in managing your dates & meetings.

  • Participant registration and management
  • Provision of relevant documents to prepare or follow up on meetings
  • Integrated calendar incl. history of meetings/dates
  • iCal Export
Peakboard calendar dates & meetings

Database for external experts &  partners (CRM)

Manage all profile data in one central administration-database.

  • Manage address & contact data
  • Assign addresses to individuals, companies and departments
  • Save additional information such as references, event participation and newsletter subcriptions.
Peakboard database for external experts and partners

Use-Case Example:

Company X plans to launch a new product next year. Product management, marketing and the medical science department have appointed eight key opinion leaders to participate in an advisory board for this project (Professors A, B, C, D, E and Doctors F, G und H).

Prof. A-E all work at university medical centers and have already been involved in the drug approval study. For Dr. F, G and H the product is new. They have been selected for their scientific expertise, involvement in specific pharmaceutical societies and their excellent network in the therapeutic area.

The person in charge of the advisory board has decided to facilitate the implementation of the advisory board through a digital Board Management Platform (anyRMboards).  The goal is to give the external experts access to a secure, dedicated network to ensure efficient communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Until the product lauch in six months marketing materials will be constantly updated, published and shared on anyRMboards. The product management department is in charge of this. The advisory board has agreed to review these documents and to validate the subject specific relevance. Within company X the documents also need to be approved by several other departments (marketing, medical science, legal). All materials will be made available in a virtual data room, with different individual access and editing rights. anyRMboards data management helps to keep an overview, allows transparent and comprehensible commentating as well as collaborative editing of web documents.

Furthermore, the experts have the opportunity to use the integrated messaging system to discuss and coordinate certain topics. A clear and comprehensive thread makes it easy to follow discussions.

The members of the advisory board (internal stakeholders and external experts) will meet in-person only twice: for the kickoff and later for the launch press conference. There are virtual meetings or conference calls every four weeks in between. From finding dates to approving the agenda and providing materials and travel information - anyRMboards can facilitate all of these processes.

The external consultant M. has been appointed as moderator and project manager of the board. In this case administration rights can be assigned to the external consultant to enable him to steer and moderate the entire process via the platform. He can coordinate the collaborative preparation of documents, share meeting protocols and assign specific tasks to the experts involved.At the same time Prof. A-E are involved in current clincial trails that will produce results that are also relevant for the launch materials. Since the new product is an innovation in need of explanation the goal of product management is to produce training materials together with the help of the advisory board. These will be used to inform the field sales force and will later form the basis for CME course materials. At this point the sales directors need to be given restricted access to review the materials and for the CME courses further case reports of the board members will add relevant information. All of these documents can be made available and later approved by the board on the anyRMboards platform.

Through the use of a central digital platform all results and information will be stored and made available in a knowledge archive. This will ensure easy findability and accessability for future generations of product manager and will ensure that the formation process of the results is comprehensible.