Peakfactor Abilities


Peakfactor  is  a  modular  software  that  can  be  adapted  to  different  use  cases  based  on  their respective  specifications.

Social Network

Connect your members, employees, customers and partners internally and externally. Each user of the platform gets his own profile.

  • Personal & company profiles
  • Direct messaging
  • Intuitive role & rights management with activity indicator
  • User search
  • Recommend and comment
  • Sharing of photos, videos & documents
  • Customized user view
  • Comparison of user profiles with databases
  • Login via external websites
Peakfactor social network

Address & Contact Management (CRM)

Manage all third-party contact information in a seperate database.

  • Address & contact management of external contacts
  • Flexible data fields
  • Dublicate check
  • Visualization of relations
  • Assignment of multiple addresses to a person and vice versa
  • Creation of newsletters & serial letters
  • Visualization of complex persoanl & corporate structures
Peakfactor address & contact managment

Membership Management

Manage your members or employees data. With this fully integrated solution, single solutions with data ex- and imports to other systems are a thing of the past.

  • Address & contact management
  • Member & employee Directory
  • Visualization of complex personal & corporate structures
  • Use of several independent databases
  • Recording of additional information such as references, event participation, received newsletters, etc.
  • Online Membership Registration
  • Creation of newsletters & serial letters
Peakfactor membership management


Create virtual workspaces for projects, committees or departments and map existing teams in the system.

  • Open or closed groups
  • Rights & roles management for visible or invisible groups
  • Events & dates
  • Discussions
Peakfactor groups

Data Storage & Administration

Use the integrated data storage and make Peakfactor your organization's knowledge base and archive.

  • Save videos, photos, presentations and other documents
  • Folder management
  • Access protection and rights management for files and folders
  • Clear and intuitive file management, also within groups
  • Online view
  • Simultaneous editing of documents with multiple users (SmashDocs)
Peakfactor data storage & administration

Event Manager

Manage your events through the system and always keep an overview.

  • Editor for individual registration forms
  • Integration of registration forms on (external) websites
  • Interfaces for other providers (e.g., billing or event platforms)
  • Participants management
  • Payment systems integration
  • Event history
  • Public & private events
  • Provision of all information for preparation and follow-up, such as agenda, documents, speaker lists, etc.
  • Discussions & forums
Peakfactor event manager

Task Manager

Start projects & tasks and delegate them. With deadlines and reminders you can keep your projects on the right path.

  • Create and manage projects & tasks
  • Delegate specific tasks
  • Set deadlines and keep an overview of project progress
  • Integrate external users
  • Connect & assign tasks to projects
Peakfactor task manager


Create and send newsletters directly from the system.

  • Use your our own newsletter templates
  • Select different recipient groups
  • Keep overview through newsletter management panel
  • HTML compatible
  • Directly connected to all databases
  • Tracking & history
  • Subscribeable news channels
Peakfactor newsletter


Create news, info tickers and subscribable news channels - and communicate more efficiently.

  • Create news, info tickers & different thematic news channels
  • Subscription management for individual users
  • Integration of external sources
  • Publication of news on external websites
Peakfactor news

Calendar & Dates

The fully integrated calendar is connected to all functions in the system.

  • Personal calendar for each user
  • Calendar for groups, teams and projects
  • Comprehensive overview of all dates in the network
  • Set reminders
  • Create and manage dates and appointments
Peakfactor calendar & dates