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The RCDS is an active association of students with over 8000 members, represented in about 100 German universities. With Peakfactor's social intranet the RCDS has found a way to connect all of their members and has enabled them to exchange information & ideas and collaborate virtually. Furthermore, RCDS uses the platform to administer their members and contacts data and to organize and manage their events.

"The goal was to provide a secure network for our members that allows them to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. At the same time we wanted to digitalize our administrative processes. With Peakfactor we found a solution that offers both. One challenge was to extract data from the different existing systems that we used. But the import of all of our data into the new platform worked really well thanks to the help of the Peakfactor team. The collaboration runs smoothly. Even for specific needs and wishes there is always a personal contact available to discuss them."
Claudius Klüting
Federal Vice-Chairman and Federal Treasurer, Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS) is a global partnering and networking platform for decision makers in the life science industry. not only helps you to search, find and connect with all relevant players and their associated products and services, it also provides innovative ways to arrange meetings and various events throughout the year.

“The collaboration with Peakfactor  is unique. They help us realize our ideas with modern technology and are able to adapt their solutions to our specific use case and needs. Our collaboration is not limited to good service. Peakfactor is a reliable partner that understands our business goals and that we can consult with along the way."
Hansruedi Kottmann
CEO at

Swiss Biotech Association

Network and social intranet for over 400 members of the Swiss Biotech Association. Key use cases are member administration, internal and external communication and the management of events, including Peakfactor's partnering tool Meet2Peak to arrange business meetings at conferences.

"We  have increased our administrative efficiency and now have more time to focus on the things that are most important for our association. The Peakfactor solution allows us to prepare and manage events faster and more effective for example. Overall the platform helps us to build trust and increase the identification with the national biotechnology association of Swizterland."
Domenic Alexakis
CEO at Swiss Biotech Association

Marburger Bund

The Marburger Bund is the German union of all employed medical doctors. With over 118.000 members it is also Europe's largest doctors organization. Through Peakfactor the union provides its members and employees with a closed, secure communications & information platform and also manages its members & contacts databases through Peakfactor's integrated CRM module.

"We wanted to give our doctors a dedicated and secure platform to inform themselves and discuss important issues. We have decided to use the Peakfactor solution because we where looking for an integrated platform that can support both our administrative workflows as well as facilitate active communication with our members. The options to adapt the system and the flexibility of the Peakfactor team over the years of our collaboration are convincing!"
Executive Board Member, Marburger Bund

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