Peakfactor not only offers you a variety of modules and functions to choose from, we can also create interfaces with your existing software systems or future extentions. Many of our customers already have software solutions for specific processes. The goal is not to replace these but rather to seamlessly integrate them to increase the overall efficency of the workflows. Peakfactor becomes your digital hub and avoids inefficient "island solutions". External websites can also be connected easily.

Meet2Peak (Online Partnering System)

At conferences or trade shows people come together to talk about products, services, ideas or potential partnerships. Regardless whether you are looking for potential suppliers, customers or business partners - communication and networking is an essential element to achieve your goals at most events.

But who you meet is often a coincidence. That means that potential business partners often times don't meet or even know of each other. Partnering software can solve this problem. 

Sales Force (CRM)

CRMs that store custormer data and support client relationship management are standard software systems of many companies and organizations. In most cases they are in use long before social intranets or other enterprise networks are established. One of the market leaders is the CRM software Salesforce.

In many instances in can make sense to keep existing systems in use. To avoid additional cost these systems can be intelligently integrated. Peakfactor can be connected to CRM systems via APIs. Data sets can be transferred from one system to the other. Changes in Salesforce can be automatically changed in Peakfactor and the other way around. This way the systems can be used in parallel without creating additional effort and avoiding unnecessary mistakes through manual data transfer.

Stripe (Online payments)

Many processes are connected to payments. Take for example the participation in an event, the subscription of a newsletter, the monthly membership fee or access to a particular group or service. In many cases the integration of a payment tool can be useful. A popular and easy to use payment software is Stripe which can be seamlessly integrated in Peakfactor. Stripe delivers payment data to Peakfactor. This allows you to intelligently manage and control access to certain restricted content or activation of certain services. Integration of other payment services like PayPal for example is also possible.