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You are looking for a innovative and flexible social intranet or a state of the art collaboration platform for your company or project? You would like to establish an extranet for your customers, partners, experts or distributors?

Peakfactor is an integrated, modular enterprise social network solution. We offer you maximum flexibility and meet your requirements in structure and design.

Modern working life &  opportunities of digital transformation

Modern working environments demand a lot from enterprises. Constant availability, lean working processes, fast and seamless communication between members of staff as well as access to services and information from anywhere at anytime are important factors of success. Basic communication via email or traditional static intranets are no longer adequate to manage the volume of data und make knowledge of individual staff members available for the company - especially if your employees are located at various sites.

Peakfactor's wide range of usage scenarios:

Social Intranet (Digital Workplace)

Create a central platform for collaboration, communication and selected operating processes. Peakfactor offers a tailored social intranet for your business, accessible from anywhere, with any device. Make Peakfactor the digital home of your company.

Great usability and an awesome UX design significantly improve acceptance and usage rates. Peakfactor focuses on an intuitive user experience and modern product design which can be branded in your organizations' corporate identity. The result is a state of the art digital workplace that increases the identification with your company..

An open system architecture enables you to seamlessly integrate existing software solutions and make Peakfactor a smart hub for your organization. Make Peakfactor the digital workplace and central point of contact for your staff.

Social intranet with Peakfactor

Communication & Collaboration Platform

Collaboration today is often times inter-divisional and independent of location. With our solution you can tackle the challenges of the modern work environment. Connect your employees and project teams and provide them with a central communication platform. Whether for committees or special projects - organise teams in virtual rooms, exchange knowledge, manage data and collaboratively create, edit and review documents. Take advantage of various collaboration tools such as activity stream, messaging, blogs, an integrated calendar and task management functions.

With Peakfactor digital project work is efficient and fun!

Communication & Collaboration platform Peakfactor

Extranet (customer-, partner- or distributor networks)

Are you looking for a possibility to connect with your customers, partners or distributors? Efficient communication with those parties is key for your success? Extranets are the perfect solution for communicating and collaborating with people that are an important part of your ecosystem.

In an extranet confidential information can be made available to your partners or customers - securely and targeted. Exchange and interaction around relevant content is enabled. Working groups can create virtual rooms, knowledge and ideas can be shared, data and documents administered and jointly edited online. Individual news channels, discussion forums and blogs are another great opportunity to create identity-establishing engagement and binding with your enterprise and brands.

Extranet wit Peakfactor

Business Enabling Networks & Communities

Your vision is to build a digital home for your offline network? You want to bring together people that share common interests in an online community or extend your business model by offering (additional) digital products & services to create new revenue streams?

With Peakfactor you can start your own social network and create value by offering ways to interact and collaborate. No matter whether global Yoga-Community or platform for the participants of your events, we help you to optimize your business model, create new business cases and benefit from your network.

Business enabling networks & communities with Peakfactor

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