Peakfactor concept

Peakfactor is a modular software. It consists of different components with various functions and tools that can be combined with each other. 

The philosophy behind the software is that it adapts to the users needs - not the other way around!

Peakfactor can be individually configured. The use cases are diverse. Together we will find the right solution for you and make Peakfactor your organization's or company's digital workplace. 

Your advantages

  • Flexibility: Modular, with a variety of functions, tools and configuration opportunities
  • White-Label: your design and corporate identity 
  • Intuitive and easy to use: very little training necessary
  • Peakfactor - your hub: seamless integration of existing or additional software applications
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime: desktop, smartphones & tablets. For comfortable working in the office, at home or on the move
  • Updates: Contineously improved and always up to date
  • Top security: data security made in Germany

Extended Relationship Management (XRM)

Peakfactor's data management is based on XRM. XRM stands for Extended-Relationship-Management or Anything-Relationship-Management. This approach is the progression of CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management). More... XRM is not only about the management of (contact-) data of various customers. The X stands for any old object or data. This could be data of other groups like employees, members or partners - or any data that has a relation to these people, like event attendance, newsletters, invoices, groups, tasks or user profiles. The advantage of this holistic approach is clear: It puts an end to disconnected "island solutions", speeds up processes, creates transparency and saves valuable time and money.



Customization and individualization is a core element of our product. Peakfactor is a white label solution that can be adapted to your corporate identity. More... Furthermore, a modular system architecture allows us to configure the software to fit your specific use case and requirements. You choose only the modules and features that you need for your daily work. This makes using the software easier and limits the need for training. Peakfactor offers various other options to customize your solution:

- Configuration of data fields
- Intergration of other (external) software 
- User- and rights management
- Multi language support 
- Service packages


Peakfactor - your hub

Peakfactor not only offers you a variety of modules and functions to choose from, we can also create interfaces with your existing software systems. Many of our customers already have software solutions for specific processes. The goal is not to replace these but rather to seamlessly integrate them to increase the overall efficency of the workflows. Peakfactor becomes your digital hub and avoids inefficient "island solutions". External websites can also be connected easily.

Cluster of Networks

Every organizational structure is unique. Companies have different set-ups when it comes to command structure, departments, sites or subsidiaries. More... Organizations like associations are structured geographically or thematically and often operate in separate legal entities. A single network is not always the best solution. In this case Peakfactor offers the opportunity to create network clusters. With this cluster approach we can create individual networks of different forms and sizes that can be used by departments or regional associations for example. These networks can be connected if desired. Through a sophisticated rights & roles management even complex organizational structures can be mapped and portrayed. Access rights and visibility of certain tools and functions can be set up on an individual user basis. This way it is possible to give each department or sub-organization an individually configured and branded network and intelligently connect them where it makes sense. In this scenario a user can be a member of one or more networks - all with one account and single sign-on. Content and groups can be accessed, shared and created accross networks. With Peakfactor literally any set-up can be configured.



Security is our number one priority. Security is a combination of different factors that concern the system, the hosting and last but not least the behavior of its users, for example when it comes to choosing passwords. More...

The link to our software system is entirely encrypted by SSL Certificates which ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. The system is protected against different kinds of unauthorized access, in particular concerning the user and contact database.
Our customers can influence the configuration of the security settings to a certain degree and choose different security options. This includes the allocation of specific user rights for system modules, synchronization and visibility rules as well as the choice of individual hosting options. 

Furthermore, we can offer additional security measures to protect highly sensitive & confidential data, if desired. This can include a 2-level authentification system, IP-restrictions or a VPN. We also offer training to avoid security risks resulting from inappropriate user behaviour, for example through weak passwords. Due to our flexible architecture we can integrate third party software through an API and therefore comply with special funcitional and security requirements. Through auto-deployment & auto-tests the Peakfactor system stays constantly up to date. The current software environment works with PHP 5.5 (update to PHP 7 coming soon), MySQL 5.7, Javascript, Less CSS, Memcache und Memcacheq, as well as integrated solutions like Elastic Search or Fine Uploader for example.


Flexible Hosting Options

Peakfactor also offers maximum flexibility when it comes to hosting. Different packages within the following two options are available to our customers.

Peakfactor Cloud

Our standard hosting is a SaaS on German servers in ISO 27001 certified datacenters. This complies with all requirements of German data protection laws. Our system and servers are monitored 24/7 by administrators. This allows us to react immediately to unforeseen problems. All data is backed up consistantly. Our servers are Linux based (CentOS 7), SSL secured and use MySQL databases. Alternatively, we can offer dedicated servers (incl. load-balancing) or consider special providers like AWS/Amazon for example.


An installation directly on our clients servers is also possible. We are happy to provide you with the requirements for this option upon request.